Misompuru Homestay
Kudat Sabah Malaysian Borneo
Famous for its culture, beaches, gongs, coconuts, bead works, honey,
corn, handicrafts and its friendly people, the TOP-END of Borneo has much
to offer the adventurous traveller. The Misompuru Homestay is a
community program, whereby local families open their homes to visitors
who wish to stay in the area. At Misompuru Homestay you will get a taste of
local cuisines both traditional and modern. You can partake in household
activities or venture into the farms or nearby forests. The homestay
encompasses ten villages in the Kudat area of northern Sabah a short
drive from the Tip of Borneo - "Simpang Mengayau". There is a surprise
secret at Minyak Village, with a natural well of crude oil, which is a mystery
to geologists till today, and gives rise to the village's name.

The Misompuru Homestay is coordinated by a friendly local team headed
by Jeffry Yahya together with Jetris Magain, Noraini Yahya, Osiyen Apak
and Mona Malinjau. Together they are happy to run a set program or tailor
make a program to suit your own special interests or travel needs.
Please contact Jeffry Yahya (locally known as "Cobra") at:

Homestay Coordinator 

Jeffry Yahya @ Cobra